Day trip to the Blue Mountains Feb 2016

Day trip to Katoomba 

My parents were visiting the Blue Mountains for a couple of days, so I drove from Sydney up to Katoomba and met up with them for the day. It was a spectacular day (I got sunburnt on my shoulders in 30 mins) and then we watched a storm brew to the west.


When I first got to Katoomba, we did a lap of the main street. It’s very steep.

On the way back up we stopped for lunch at the Paragon Cafe, andI had one of their Chicken Burgers. The beetroot relish on it was delish!

Our second stop was Echo Point, to see the 3 Sisters as it’s been quite some time since I have been a tourist up in the Blue Mountains.

It was very busy with all the tour busses from Sydney, which isn’t surprising, as it’s an amazing place to visit!

As you get to Echo Point, you can see the 3 Sisters off to the left of the lookout. There is a trail down to the first of the sisters, but we didn’t go this time. Last time I went I think it was paved all the way and wheelchair accessible (don’t quote me on this, if you need a wheelchair, best check it out first).

As you start panning around to the right, you see Mt Solitary, Ruined Castle and Narrowneck ridge.

I will never tire of the views of the cliffs in the Blue Mountains.


The Three Sisters, Katoomba


After leaving Echo Point, we followed Cliff Drive to Leura. The scenery out of the right hand side of the car is pretty amazing (when you can see between the trees!)

The Village of Leura has a cute main street (much cuter than Katoomba), but the nice candle shop that used to be there has gone 😦

The old post office has been restored and is now a post office / newsagent if you need to post any letters / postcards back home.

Even though it’s the middle of summer here, some of the leaves on the trees have started to turn. It is even more spectacular in Autumn.



Old Post Office, Leura


We visited three Lookouts in Blackheath.

The first one we went to was Hargraves Lookout on the Southern side of the highway / railway line. I don’t ever remember being at this lookout before. It’s spectacular scenery down into the Megalong Valley.

We also watched a storm brewing several kilometres away over Oberon.

The second lookout was at Govetts Leap. There is a waterfall off to the right of the lookout.

The third lookout was Evans Lookout (my favourite as it’s not frequented by tour busses – you will need your own transport to get there). I love coming here on dusk and watching the colour of the cliffs change at sunset.


Hargreaves Lookout, Blackheath


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