Chinese New Year 2016 Sydney

My friend Sue contacted me a couple of days ago saying she was heading into Sydney for the afternoon / evening to check out the Chinese New Year (CNY) festivities, and wondered if I wanted to join her. I took up that offer!

We met each other on the platform of our local station and caught the train to Town Hall station. We made a slight detour to a camera shop so I could buy a new camera strap, and then we headed to Darling Harbour.

We crossed Pyrmont Bridge and had lunch in the food court. It was so hot! I had noodles and an ice cream. Yum.

We then headed towards Haymarket and came across the CNY festivities. It was still daylight so we got to see the paper lanterns in daylight. We decided we would return later after dark.


CNY Festivities Darling Harbour

We then headed into Chinatown and walked along Dixon Street.


Dixon Street Chinatown

We then headed along George Street to World Square where there were some valentines day celebrations being held.


Heart Stairs at World Square

After that, we headed up to Elizabeth Street past Hyde Park, up to Martin Place.

Martin Place had two lantern installations – the Ox and Horses. We also visited the local supermarket to get water as it was so hot and we were getting thirsty. The sun was setting as we left Martin Place.


Ox Lantern Martin Place


Horse Lanterns Martin Place


Martin Place

After leaving Martin Place, we went to Angel Place and checked out the bird cages. Neither of us had seen these at night before. It was pretty cool. I love this lane!


We then headed to Circular Quay and visited the Rabbit lanterns out the front of Customs House.


Rabbit (Bunny) Lantern out the front of Customs House

Afterwards we took the ferry back to Darling Harbour. With the heat of the day subsiding and the cool breeze on the ferry (we sat outside) it was a lovely trip.


Our ferry back in Darling Harbour

We then walked back to the Darling Harbour and Chinatown CNY festivities and took more photos in the dark.


CNY Festivities in Darling Harbour (again)

We then made our way to Central Station and caught our train home. I finally got into bed about 1am as I desperately needed a shower after sweating all afternoon!


A great day!


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