Vietnam 2014 – Day 3 Cu Chi Tunnels Day Tour

I had my usual chicken noodle soup for breakfast at the hotel.


The morning was spent travelling to the Cu Chi Tunnels north west of the city.

It really was worth going  As an Aussie, our soldiers were there during the Vietnam war, but the stories told were from the perspective of the Viet Kong (the other side).  It was really interesting to hear the stories from the guides.

I couldn’t believe just how small and narrow the tunnels were.  There was a guide that went in one, and we had the opportunity to go in another one. There was no was I was going in any of them!

There was also the opportunity to fire some guns of some sort, but being anti gun, I didn’t do it.  Lots of other people did though and it was really loud.

I also tried tapioca and will never eat it again. Yuk.


I had a nana nap that afternoon in the hotel as it was hot and sweaty again.

Crazy me then went out wandering the city again in the traffic!


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