Vietnam 2014 – Day 10 Hanoi Wandering

Today was an extra day I added to the end of my tour, so that I had an opportunity to look around the capital of Vietnam. Again, I did my usual trick of grabbing my camera and a map and getting ‘lost’ in the city.

First up I went to find the train lines that pass right through the city, as I had seen photos of this online before I headed off, and that I had worked in the rail industry for a few years in Australia. I was quite surprised by the lack of safety around the line, but not surprised because everything in Vietnam is different!

I also went to the Temple of Literature and saw young people dressed in their finery celebrating their graduations. The gardens were spectacular too.

I saw a man having a shave on the street, lots of flower shops, and what appeared to be a mechanics workshop in the street!

I also came across lots of people selling fresh fruit and vegetables in the streets.

I took a stroll through the old quarter to the north of the lake and also took a ride in a buggy as I was tired and it was raining.

I also made my way to the French Quarter and saw the Turtle Tower in the middle of the lake on my way there.

I found myself a noodle place that had an English menu and had some rice paper rolls for lunch.

I then headed off to Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, but didn’t go inside for a couple of reasons. 1, I didn’t really want to see a dead person, and 2, he wasn’t there anyway – he was in Russia getting fixed up!

Nearby was a statue of my favourite communist (not that I’m really a favourite of communists in general), Vladimir Lenin. When I travel to Russia (hopefully next year) I plan on taking photos of all the statues of him I can find (and I know there are a LOT!)


I then wandered back to my hotel, got changed and headed back out to the restaurant I went to on my first night and had some more great food.


This was my last night in Vietnam, and I was disappointed as I’d had a great time! I will definitely come back one day.


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