Day 4 Épernay – Moët et Chandon Caves Tour

I booked this tour before I even left Australia.  I had to drink real French champagne in the champagne region in France.  I never knew how to pronounce “Moët”.  Most Australians say something like “Mo-ee”.  I learnt the T is actually pronounced kind of like “Mo-et”.  Aussies take note!

I chose which bottles I would get to test (I chose the most expensive one – I’d come half way around the world for this!), I got my tickets and waited for the tour to start.


Moët et Chandon Caves Tour Tickets


A whole wall of Moët et Chandon

We then had our chance to taste test 2 champagnes.  They turned out to be full glasses.  I hadn’t eaten a proper meal since breakfast, so I was rather drunk by the time I left!


Moët et Chandon Tasting


Moët et Chandon Tasting

To see what else I did on Day 4, please check out this post

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Caves tour


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