Day 6 Brugge to Berlin – 3 Trains

This afternoon and evening was a big long train trip.

I got my first train from Bruges to Brussels, and then my second train to Paris Gare de l’Est.


Brugge Station

I changed stations in Paris, then I wandered around Paris Est station until it was time to board my third train.  I took this photo during my wanders around the station – it was on it’s way to Strasbourg.


Gare de l’Est

And my third train was an overnight train to Berlin.  Somewhere along the line it broke in two and the other half went to Munich.  I had the top bunk on the left hand side, and shared my cabin with a Polish guy that was on his way home from Spain.  It was my first change to speak German again as he said his German was much better than his English!

To see what else I did on Day 6, please check out this post

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Train from Bruges to Berlin


One thought on “Day 6 Brugge to Berlin – 3 Trains

  1. Hello Shona. I have enjoyed reading your travel stories and photos.

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