Day 7 Berlin – Waking in Germany

I woke in the morning after a pretty good sleep (just myself and one other in my couchette on the train from Paris), to snow on the ground outside! To someone who lives in Sydney, Australia, snow is a big deal – it NEVER snows here! It was also great so see that Germany likes green energy too.

(Please forgive my photos – they were taken on my old iPhone 4S through a very dirty train window!)


On the Train


On the Train


On the Train


On the Train


On the Train


On the Train

When I arrived at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main train station), I transferred to Alexanderplatz on the S Bahn, and then dumped my suitcase at my hotel. I was staying in the former East Berlin, which I had originally visited in 1988 when the city was still divided.


Berlin HBF

I then practiced my German on a real German person by getting myself on a hop-on-hop-off bus (it was raining and cold and I was wearing the wrong thermals!) without using a word of English. My German was very rusty, but we understood each other perfectly!  Ordinarily I would have gone up the tower, but with the weather the way it was, I figured it wasn’t worth the money.







To see what else I did on Day 7, please check out this post

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Waking up in Germany


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