Day 10 Berlin to Mannheim – Europe 2013 Holiday

Today I got up and packed my bags as I was heading back to the western half of Germany, back to the city where I spent 3 months as an exchange student in 1988.

I wandered around the Alexanderplatz area and saw some old buildings, which I guess where built during the communist era.

I also saw the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) still in the clouds.  I decided it still wasn’t worth going up, so I’ll have to leave that for my next trip to Berlin.

I went window shopping at the Galeria Kaufhof – Here is a photo of Fosters (apparently it’s the only beer that Australians drink, but I don’t know any who do, and why would you sell this in Germany where they have good beer???), and Ampelmännchen Lollies / Candy (the men in the pedestrian traffic lights – the Germans are pretty anti-jaywalking) and some cool fur-lined clothes that would be useless back home in Sydney.

Marien Kirche (St Mary’s Church)

Urania Weltzeituhr (Urania World Time Clock)

IMG_3076 (1)

Rotes Rathaus (Red Townhall)

I headed back to my Hotel – cheap, clean and convenient (but the view was of the back alley….) to collect my bag and headed to the station.


Berlin to Mannheim Map

I caught the 12:33 ICE 373 to Mannheim. Goodbye Berlin – until next time!

Luckily for me, I met some great people on the train, and got to practice my German for 5 hours before meeting my host Mum on the platform in Mannheim.

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Day 10 Berlin to Mannheim






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