Day 11 Karlsruhe and Baden Baden – Europe 2013

I spent a leisurely morning getting re-aquainted with my German exchange parents that I hadn’t seen since my wedding in 1999.  It was cold.  0C / 32F.

After a nice lunch with my German Mum, I headed off to the south on the train, to meet up with someone I knew through Instagram, and who was a ‘friend of a friend’.

Mannheim to Baden Baden Map

My first stop was Karlsruhe, where I had to wait a little while for my next train, so I decided I would go for a wander around the station area.  I came across the zoo, and some cool old buildings.


Elephants at the Zoo (I thought they looked kind of sad…)

Karl Schnetzler statue

IMG_2788 (1)

Statue of Karl Schnetzeln, former mayor of Karlsruhe from 1892-1906

Cool buildings, park and flower and stonework

I headed back to the station and caught the Schwartzwaldbahn (Black Forest Train) to Baden Baden.

Once in Baden Baden, I met up with my new friend (and another of her friends) and we headed to the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) in the old town and saw some tools that were actually made of chocolate!

And then wandered through the town centre (and saw the oldest pharmacy)

Afterwards, I headed back to Mannheim.


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Day 11 Karlsruhe & Baden Baden


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