Day 12 Heidelberg – Train from Mannheim, to Heidelberg and the Bergbahn (Funicular train)

I caught the tram to Mannheim Hauptbahnhof (train station), and then the S Bahn to Heidelberg, which was only a 10 minute ride away.

Mannheim HBF

I made my way to the Bergbahn (Funicular) to take a ride to the top of the mountain, only to find out the upper section was closed during the winter. Nevermind, I went to the second station Molkenkur. I wandered around this area for a while, and checked out the (foggy) views of the city.

Molkenkur Station

Area around the station

The train that runs to the top of the mountain (summer only)

Foggy views of the city

And then I headed down the hill on the railway to the next station for the Castle

To see what else I did on Day 12, please check out this post.

(Official website Heidelberg Bergbahn)

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Molkenkur Funicular Heidelberg



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