Day 12 Heidelberg – Alt Stadt & Brücke (Old city and bridge)

After visiting the Holy Spirit Church, I headed through the old city (Alt Stadt)….

Heidelberg Alt Stadt
Heidelberg Alt Stadt
Heidelberg Alt Stadt
IMG_2997 (1)
Heidelberg Alt Stadt

… towards the old bridge (Alt Brücke)

IMG_2998 (1)
Alte Brücke
IMG_2999 (1)
View of the castle from the Alte Brücke
Alte Brücke
IMG_3001 (1)
Alte Brücke
IMG_3002 (1)
Alte Brücke
IMG_3003 (1)
Alte Brücke
IMG_3004 (1)
Alte Brücke
IMG_3005 (1)
Alte Brücke
Alte Brücke
IMG_3008 (1)
Alte Brücke
IMG_3009 (1)
Alte Brücke
IMG_3012 (1)
Alte Brücke

To see what else I did on Day 12, please check out this post.

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Heidelberg Old Town and Old Bridge


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