Day 13 Hohernzollern Castle / Stuttgart – Europe 2013 Holiday

The town of Hechingen is about 2 hours by train from Mannheim, and is the closest town to Hohernzollern Castle, which was my first destination. When I got to Hechingen, I could barely see the castle on the hill, as it was shrouded in cloud.

IMG_3027 (1)

Hohenzollern Castle

I made my way into the town, and realised that maybe getting to the castle wasn’t going to happen today. The footpaths were icy and I was scared I was going to slip over, and the castle was hardly visible anyway.

IMG_3024 (1)


IMG_3025 (1)


IMG_3023 (1)

Hohenzollern Castle on the hill

IMG_3026 (1)


The bus I wanted to take to the castle also wasn’t running, so it meant getting a taxi there and back, and hoping the castle was open when I got there.

I decided to change my plans and head to Stuttgart instead, so I caught a taxi to the station, and headed back to Stuttgart.


Hechingen Station

Once there, I wandered through the Schloß Garten (Castle Garden) and then back along the main street, Königstraße.

IMG_3028 (1)

Stuttgart Schloßgarten

IMG_3029 (1)

Stuttgart Schloßgarten

IMG_3030 (1)

Stuttgart Schloßgarten

IMG_3031 (1)

Stuttgart Schloßgarten

IMG_3032 (1)

Stuttgart Schloßgarten

IMG_3033 (1)

Stuttgart Schloßgarten

IMG_3034 (1)

Stuttgart Schloßgarten

IMG_3035 (1)


IMG_3036 (1)


IMG_3038 (1)


IMG_3039 (1)


It was then time to head back to Mannheim, as I was getting the overnight train to Prague at midnight.

IMG_3040 (1)

Stuttgard HBF

IMG_3041 (1)

Stuttgard HBF

IMG_3042 (1)

Stuttgard HBF

IMG_3043 (1)

Stuttgard HBF

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Day 13 Hechingen & Stuttgart


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