Day 14 Prague – Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

Like everyone that visits Prague, I just had to walk across the Charles Bridge!! This bridge, built between 1357 & the 15th Century was the first way to cross the Vltava River.

Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

The bridge tower on the Old Town side of the Vltava River was completed in 1380 and forms part of the old fortification system of Prague, built to protect the Old Town against northern invaders. The tower is open to the public, but I didn’t go up.

Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

I watched people rub the Statue of St. John of Nepomuk (socha sv. Jana Nepomuckého), the oldest on the bridge, which is supposed to bring good fortune and to ensure that the visitor will return to the city of Prague.

Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

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Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

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References – need more information?

Charles Bridge

Bridge Tower

Statues on the bridge

John of Nepomuk Statue


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