Day 14 Prague – Returning to the Station

I needed to get back to the main station, and my feet were sore, so I decided to try out the metro. From memory, it was very easy to use.

I caught the first train from Staroměstská (Old Town).


Staroměstská Metro


Staroměstská Metro


Staroměstská Metro


Staroměstská Metro


Staroměstská Metro


Staroměstská Metro


Staroměstská Metro


Staroměstská Metro


Staroměstská Metro

I travelled 2 stops and changed at the Muzeum station, then went one station to Hlavní nádraží. It probably would have been quicker just to walk to the station, but I was tired and cold so I got the metro.


Hlavní nádraží Train Station

I then wandered the station until I found my overnight train back to Germany. (Unfortunately, this train doesn’t run anymore).


Hlavní nádraží Train Station

To see what else I did on Day 14, please check out this post

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Prague Metro

References – need more information?

Staroměstská Metro

Muzeum Station

Hlavní nádraží (Main train station)



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