Day 16 Mannheim to Koblenz – Europe 2013 Holiday

Unfortunately, the cruises on the Rhine that are covered by a Eurail pass don’t run during winter, so my host-mum and I got the train from Mannheim to Koblenz along the Rhine. It was a really nice day out, but the temperature was only about 4C / 39F.



We made it to Koblenz, then took the train back to Mannheim.

I didn’t get many photos (and most of the ones I did get were blurry or interrupted by a tree or something), as I spent most of my time chatting with my host-mum.

I decided that one day I would love to do a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest (when I win lotto or find a rich husband – neither of which are likely!)

I only did 7,449 steps on my fitbit that day.

PS – if anyone can name the castles in the photos, please let me know what they are!

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Day 16 Rhine River, Mannheim to Koblenz, Germany

References – need more information?

Rhine River

Train trips

Rhine Cruise with Eurail

  • Eurail – scroll down to “Attractions”

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