Day 19 Paris – Rue Mouffetard

I had heard that Rue Mouffetard was a pretty cool shopping street, so I made my way there first thing in the morning.


On the way to Rue Mouffetard, I came across a lovely shop that sold gluten free macaroons and chocolate. I went inside, because I just had to buy some. It was too early to eat them, so I put them in my bag for a snack later on. They were yummmm when I did get to eat them.

Street scenes

I must admit, I did find the street pretty cool! There were buskers, bikes and places to sit and eat.


I was reminded of south-east asia, where all the seafood is out on display in the street, only in France, there is ice, and the weather is cold, and they are nicely presented!

Wine & Cakes

There were also bottles of wine and cakes on display.

Australian UGG Boots

I took this photo thinking that this was a piece of home.  In actual fact, I found out later that this is an American company that has registered the brand name of UGG Australia, and the Australian sheepskin boot makers aren’t allowed to use the name UGG, even though that’s what we’ve called these boots for decades.



I found myself back at the Panthéon and watched the cranes working for a while.

To see what else I did on Day 19, please check out this post.

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Rue Mouffetard


Rue Mouffetard


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