Japan 日本 2010 – 14 Days in Nippon

A friend had asked me if I wanted to go on a tour to Japan in November 2010. I thought about it a bit, and did some research on the internet, and decided it would probably be a good thing to see Japan, even though it had never really been on my list of places to go. Boy was I wrong! It was truly amazing, and I’d go back there again any day!

Our tour ended up getting cancelled two weeks before we were due to leave, so I arranged everything for the same period.  Different hotels and transport, but the same cities, some more sight-seeing,  two day tours (Mt Fuji & Nara), and the shinkansen return trip to Kyoto.

The following is a summary of the days we spent in Japan

  • Days 1-3– Tokyo
  • Days 4-6 – Kyoto
  • Days 7-9 – Yokohama
  • Days 10-14 – Tokyo


Full Trip Map
Map of Japan Trip

The place I got 90% of all my information for my trip to japan was from Japan-guide.com. It really had all the information I needed to plan.  I can really recommend it if you are working out where to go and what to see in Japan.

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Japan Day 1 - Tokyo
Japan Trip, 2010

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