NZ 2016 – Day 4 – Franz Josef to Queenstown – Part 1 – August 2016 – Franz Josef Glacier to Thunder Creek Falls

Franz Josef Glacier village

The view from the hotel restaurant was amazing whilst having breakfast, but unfortunately, I left my camera and phone in my room. After breakfast, I went for a walk around the local area, as we had time to kill because some of our group were doing a flight over the glacier. I decided not to do it as I had flown over Mt Cook when I was in NZ in 2013 and figured nothing could top that!

Fox Glacier village

Once we left Franz Josef Glacier village, we headed south and Mark and Lu arranged to stop in Fox Glacier village to check out the views. Again, they were amazing!

Haast Highway

Leaving Fox Glacier we headed south along the Haast Highway

Bruce Bay

We came to Bruce Bay on the coast

Lake Moreaki

Inland again past Lake Moreaki

West Coast

And back out to the coast again.

Haast River Drop Off

One of the options for the tour was to take a jetboat along the Haast River, but I decided not to.
We dropped everyone doing the jetboat ride at the river.

Haast Visitor Centre

Went to the Department of Conservation building, which is also the visitors centre, where we were able to wander around outside (in the cold!).

Haast-Pass Makarora Road

We then headed along the Haast-Pass Makarora Road

Haast River

And stopped at the pickup point.


Haast Pass – Makarora Road

We continued along the Haast Pass – Makarora Road

Thunder Creek Falls

And went to Thunder Creek Falls


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Franz Josef to Thunder Creek Falls, New Zealand


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