NZ 2016 – Day 4 – Franz Josef to Queenstown – Part 2 – August 2016 – Makarora to Queenstown

Haast Pass – Makarora Road

Leaving Thunder Creek Falls we headed further along the Haast Pass – Makarora Road


Makarora Lunch Stop

And stopped in Makarora for lunch.

The views from lunch were spectacular. I ventured out into the middle of the road to take some photos, even though it’s the main road from the West Coast to the east. There weren’t any cars to be seen at all, it was that quiet.


Makarora River

Leaving Makarora we continued along the Haast Pass – Makarora Road past the Makarora River


Lake Wanaka

Past Lake Wanaka


Lake Hawea

And past Lake Hawea, where we stopped at the lookout. Just amazing views!


Lake Hawea to Albertown Road

Leaving Lake Hawea we headed down the Lake Hawea to Albertown Road


Lake Dunstan

We went past Lake Dunstan


Jones Family Fruit Stall

We stopped in Cromwell at the Jones Family Fruit Stall. I bought some kiwi fruit chocolate and some dried kiwi fruit (which I didn’t end up liking so I gave it to one of the girls on the tour because she did).



Leaving Cromwell we headed along the Gibbston Highway,


and we arrived in Arrowtown. I had been there in 2013 so it was good to be back. Unfortunately, the fabric shop was shut as it was late in the afternoon, so I just wandered the town.


Arrowtown 2013

I took this photo when I was in Arrowtown in 2013



Once I was checked into my hotel (which turned out to be about a 2 out of 5 stars because it was dirty and smelt bad), I headed into town for dinner. I had been planning a Fergburger ever since I found out we had a free night in Queenstown, so I headed straight there. As usual, there was a long line, but I drank my mulled cider whilst waiting. YUMMMM!!!


Fergburger in 2013

I at my first gluten free burger here in 2013. It was soooo good! I sat down by the water to eat it and had a great view of the lake and surrounding mountains.



Makarora to Queenstown.png

Makarora to Queenstown Legend.png

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