NZ 2016 – Day 5 – Queenstown – Part 2 – September 2016 – Queenstown

Queenstown Gondola (Skyline)

Last time I was in Queenstown, I went up the gondola, so I decided it was something I would have to do again.

Gondola Base Station


On the gondola


Skyline top station


Home and my next holiday!
I took this photo for my Canadian family – they live in Vancouver


Kiwi Park

I went to the Kiwi Park when I came down from the Skyline, hoping to take some photos of a kiwi, but unfortunately, I didn’t realise they are nocturnal and you can’t take photos. I did get to see one once my eyes adjusted to the lack of light in the enclosure.
10 Kiwi Park.jpg


I then found myself at the wharf.


Botanical Gardens

I headed towards the botanical gardens and walked around the headland. It was very windy, and it was biting. It was also making whitecaps on the lake.

The boat we were going on for dinner at night


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Queenstown, New Zealand


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