NZ 2016 – Day 6 – Queenstown to Milford Sound – Part 3 – September 2016 – Milford Sound

We continued along the foggy highway towards Milford Sound

Foreshore Walk

Lu, our tour director, gave us the option of walking in the drizzle along the foreshore as we were early for our cruise, and I figured why not, so I joined the group and we enjoyed a nice walk in the rain.


We boarded the Sovereign and cruised the sound. It was raining, windy and cold, but I had my rain jacket and spent a lot of time out the back of the boat. At one point I did get rather drowned though! It was great to see the sound in this weather, as it was quite different from my 2013 trip.


Heading to Te Anau

We headed back to Te Anau and arrived after dark.

Milford Sound 2013

This is what the sound looked like when I was here in 2013. I had flown in and out, so I hadn’t seen the road before.



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