NZ 2016 – Day 7 – Te Anau to Dunedin – Part 1 – September 2016 – Heading to Dunedin

Te Anau

Leaving Te Anau, it was a crisp clear morning, and unfortunately, I missed the sunrise over the lake – I’ll have to remember to get up early next time I’m here!

Te Anau to Gore

The views were the usual spectacular views I had come to know and love.

Te Anau – Mossburn Highway
Mossburn-Lumsden Highway
Mossburn-Lumsden Highway.jpg
Lumsden-Riverside Highway
Lumsden-Riversdale Highway.jpg
Mandeville-Kingston Crossing Road
Mandeville-Kingston Crossing Rd.jpg


We stopped off in windy Gore for a morning tea stop, and I went for a quick wander around the town.
We then continued along the Clinton Highway to Dunedin


Te Anau to Dunedin.png

Te Anau to Dunedin Legend.png

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Te Anau to Dunedin, New Zealand.png


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