NZ 2016 – Day 11 – Picton to Wellington – Part 1 – September 2016 – Interislander Ferry


We had a nice leisurely walk from the hotel down to the ferry terminal, and then we got to wait a bit longer, as the ferry was late.

Interislander Ferry

The crossing was a mixture of sunny, and wet and windy. I did spend some time in the ferry as it was raining but was outside as much as I could be. I found out later that this was the last crossing for the day, as the weather deteriorated and all further crossings were cancelled. LUCKY!!


Te Pangu Bay

019 Interislander Ferry, Te Pangu Bay.jpg


020 Interislander Ferry, Okukari.jpg

Cook Strait


026 Interislander Ferry, Cook Strait.jpg


Our first sighting of the North Island





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Picton to Wellington (interislander ferry), New Zealand.png


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