China 2016 – Day 3 – Sydney & Hong Kong – Sneak Peak – November 2016

Heading to Hong Kong

My mum, aunt and I caught the train from the city to the airport and then I checked in on my flight to Hong Kong, whilst my aunt checked in on her flight home to North America.  We hung out in the ‘plebs’ area as we were flying different airlines and the lounges wouldn’t let both of us in.  I had received a points upgrade to Premium Economy, which was better than I thought it would be (but still doesn’t quite match Business Class….)


001 Sydney International Terminal, Mascot.jpg



Hong Kong

Arriving in Hong Kong it was hazy and warm.  I got the Airport Express to Hong Kong Station, then the free shuttle bus to my hotel.  I went downstairs to the Vengo (??) convenience store and bought some water to see me through the night.




Day 3 - Sydney to HK - Legend 1.png

Day 3 - Sydney to HK - Map 3.png

Day 3 - Sydney to HK - Legend 2.png


Not bad considering I was on a plane for 9+ hours….



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Sydney & Hong Kong - China Trip 2016


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