China 2016 – Day 9 – Shenzhen & Guilin – Sneak Peak – November 2016

Shenzhen Dongmen

I went out in the morning to get some cash and had a bit of a tumble down a step I didn’t see.  The security guard at the bank just stared at me, and people walked past as I was lying on the ground in the mud!  I learnt my lesson that Chinese footpaths are just as hazardous as the ones in Vietnam, and that people don’t stop to help!

001 Shenzhen.jpg
Shenzhen, near the bank

I then got the metro from my hotel, changed trains and then headed to Shenzhen North station to get my train to Guilin.

002 Shenzhen Metro.jpg

G2904 High-Speed Train from Shenzhen to Guilin

I had decided that I would pay the extra and get a first class seat on the fast train.  It was quite nice but very full – every seat was taken.  I’m glad I wasn’t in cattle class!

My train
My first class ticket
It went 305km/h and it didn’t feel like it
View of the countryside
My train at Guilin


By this stage my knee, ankle and back were killing me from my fall that morning, so I decided to get a taxi to my hotel. When I opened the door to my room, I was blasted with the stench of stale cigarette smoke.  I was so exhausted and in pain, I just curled up on my rock-hard bed in the smell and had a nap.

I went downstairs to get some dinner, and the local markets were on, so I wandered around for a bit, had a beef and potato dish for dinner, then went back to my hotel.  The people in reception were nice enough but didn’t speak any English.  I did sign language that my room stank and it needed air freshener, so they sent someone up with the spray.  I slept like a baby (one that wakes every hour) with my pain killers, rock-hard bed, and stinky room.






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China 2016 – Day 9 – Shenzhen & Guilin – Sneak Peak – November 2016


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