China 2016 – Day 4 – Hong Kong – Part 2 – 15 November 2016

Diamond Hill Area

Diamond Hill

I left the Mong Kok area and took the train to Diamond Hill station, where I thought I would see the Chi Lin Nunnery.


Nan Lian Garden

On my way to the Nunnery, I stumbled across the Nan Lian Garden, and I’m so glad I did. It was a really beautiful garden. I tried to stay in the shade, as the sun was scorching, and it was so hot.


Chi Lin Nunnery

I made my way across the bridge over the freeway to the Chi Lin Nunnery. I’d never been to a Buddhist Nunnery before and thought it was a really nice tranquil place, but in the sun it was so hot!


Plaza Hollywood

After visiting the Nunnery, I made my way back to the Diamond Hill station and went into the Plaza Hollywood to cool down in the air conditioning. They had free wi-fi so I hung out for a while, had some lunch, and got some groceries from the supermarket.

Heading back to my hotel

I decided to get a bus back to my hotel, rather than the underground train so I could see more of Hong Kong. The 111 bus went to the Macau Ferry Terminal, which was right near my hotel, so I got on that and made my way to my hotel, where I had a bit of a nana nap.





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Hong Kong - Diamond Hill Area



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