Fraumünster, Zürich

On the Eastern bank of the Limmat River is the Fraumünster church. We walked past it during my walking tour, and I went back again later that night.

During the day


Switzerland, Kreis 1, Zürich, Fraumünster-5


Fraumünster Entrance

Fraumünster Statue

Mid-afternoon (with a storm brewing)

Switzerland, Kreis 1, Zürich, Fraumünster-6

Switzerland, Kreis 1, Zürich, Fraumünster-7

Switzerland, Kreis 1, Zürich, Fraumünster-8

From the Grossmünster, across the river

Fraumünster from Grossmünster

Switzerland, Kreis 1, Zürich, Fraumünster from Münsterbrücke-1


Fraumünster at night

Fraumünster from Grossmünster at night


  • Founded in 853
  • Built on the remains of a former abbey for aristocratic women
  • Today, it belongs to the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Zürich


Fraumünster, Zürich, Switzerland Map

Fraumünster, Zürich, Switzerland Map

  • Fraumünster, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland – Found on the corner of the Marktgasse and  Metzgergasse
  • Rathaus – Tram 4, 5



Fraumünster, Zürich, Switzerland



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